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OEM ODM Metal Injection Molding with drawing Spare Parts Type: Metal Parts Material: Stainless Steel Best Weight: less than 100g Technology: Metal Injection Molding

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Metal powder injection moulding (MIM) is a new manufacturing process that combines powder metallurgy and plastic moulding processes. It involves mixing the selected powder with a binder, then granulating the mixture and injecting it into the desired shape. The polymer imparts its viscous flow characteristics to the mix, which in turn contributes to the homogeneity of the forming, cavity filling and powder loading. After forming, the binder is removed and the skimmed blanks are then sintered. Some sintered products may be subjected to further densification, heat treatment or machining. The sintered product not only has the same complex shape and high precision as a plastic injection moulded product, but also has physical, chemical and mechanical properties close to those of a forged part. This process technology is suitable for the manufacture of small, precise, three-dimensional parts with complex shapes and special performance requirements in high volume production.  Sintered Metal Parts For High Quality Medical

Application areas for MIM technology

Typical applications Aerospace industry: aircraft wing strands, rocket nozzles, missile tail fins, ceramic turbine blade cores; Automotive industry: components for ignition control locks, turbocharger rotors, valve guides, components for automotive brakes, components for automotive sunscreens; Electronics industry: disk drive components, cable connectors, electronic tube housings, computer print heads, electronic packages, heat sink materials; Military industry: mine rotors, gun plate triggers, armour-piercing bullet cores, collimators, small arrows for cluster projectiles; Medical devices: orthodontic brackets, internal sutures, biopsy forceps, radiation shields; Household products: watch cases, watch straps, watch clasps, golf heads and holders, sports shoe buckles, sporting gun parts, document binders and hole punchers; Machinery industry: shaped milling cutters, cutting tools, miniature gears;

MIM advantages

1, high degree of freedom of part geometry, one time forming production of complex-shaped metal parts; 2, MIM products have uniform density, good finish, surface roughness can reach Ra 0.80 ~ 1.6μm, weight range of 0.1 ~ 200g. high dimensional accuracy (±0.1% ~ ±0.3%), generally without subsequent processing; 3, wide range of applicable materials, wide application areas, high utilization rate of raw materials, high degree of production automation, simple procedures, continuous mass production can be achieved; 4, stable product quality, reliable performance, the relative density of products can reach 95% to 99%, can be carburized, quenched, tempered and other heat treatment. The products have high mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and elongation, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance and uniform organization;Ningbo Jiehuang Electirc Tech Co.,Ltd, We are experts in metal parts such as forging parts, casting parts, metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, powder metal parts, metal injection molding (MIM) parts, plastic injection parts, sanitary valves, various hardware products and so on. We serve a diverse range of applications in diverse industries – Automotive, Industrial, Electronics and Medical. Our factory loacted in Cidong Industrial Zone,Cixi, Ningbo City. Now we have 16 pieces Injection molding machines, 4 pieces Degreasing furnace and 6 pieces sintering furnace. 8 engineers, 50+ workers, advanced testing equipment, perfect management system and more than 10 years of work experience allow us to serve many top companies around the world. MIM technology can be radiated to many fields such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, and Other industrial parts. Looking forward to growing together with you!We will work with you through all phases of project development – from requirement planning, tooling design and mass production, to FOT and manufacturing, through to the shipping . We can make any precision metal products, such as metal auto parts, electronic parts, 3C electronic parts, precision medical parts!Through more than 10 years of operation and deep cultivation in the technical field, Company has more than 50+ workers, has 15 production lines with an annual production capacity of over 75 million. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification; The company’s technological innovation has obtained 14 invention patents, 13 utility model patents, 3 scientific and technological achievements, 2 municipal high-tech products, and more than 30 MIM key common technology research results, all of which have achieved industrial application. .It has a registered capital of 33.5 million yuan and is a professional provider of metal injection molding (MIM) technology solutions. Service provider, a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's proprietary technology belongs to the new materials and high-end equipment fields that the state is currently supporting. The technology can be radiated to many fields such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, and iND. Industrial parts.One-stop Metal parts supplier in ChinaOur core manufacturing equipment is imported directly from Germany.We have 15 engineers in our R&D centre, all of them are doctors or professors from University of Science and Technology of China.Strict Quality Control, Rigorous product inspection after mass productionOn 2017, we sent a international bussiness dep. in Ningbo, –Ningbo Jiehuang Chiyang Electric Tech Co.,Ltd. to deal with all our international bussiness.Our group has been chosen as the preferred supplier by lots of well-known companies for its custom metal products with competitive price, stable performance and high technology.We sincerely want to be your good business partner for a long time in China. If you have any enquiry for quotation, please contact us freely. Your OEM metal parts are welcome. Our efficient and friendly sales team will always offer you very competitive quotations and a fast response to all your enquiries.

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