New Metal Pack enables metal 3D printing for BCN3D's Epsilon series

2023-03-30 08:47:13 By : Ms. Pam Sheng
BCN3D, a Barcelona-based 3D printing company, has recently launched its new Metal Pack upgrade for their Epsilon series, which allows for affordable metal 3D printing. The upgrade includes the use of Ultrafuse 316L and 17-4 PH filaments from a leading materials brand, along with a new hot-end which enables high-quality metal parts to be printed with ease.

CNC processing and MIM spare parts have traditionally been the go-to options for producing metal parts, but increasingly, 3D printing is becoming a viable alternative. The biggest advantage of 3D printing is its flexibility - it allows for quicker design changes and customisation without needing to produce separate molds. Additionally, 3D printing enables complex geometries, making it an ideal choice for the production of spare parts.
BCN3D's new Metal Pack brings metal 3D printing to Epsilon series - TCT Magazine

The Metal Pack is a significant step forward in bringing metal 3D printing to a wider audience. Previously, only industrial manufacturers could afford to work with metal 3D printing due to the high costs of materials and equipment. BCN3D's solution is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that allows users to create solid metal parts using their existing Epsilon 3D printer.

The Ultrafuse 316L filament is an excellent choice for producing stainless steel parts, and the recommended printing temperature is between 250 - 290°C. This filament is suited for applications in a variety of industries, including medical and aerospace. On the other hand, 17-4 PH filament is ideal for producing parts that are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. It's used for creating parts such as gears, brackets, and valves, and is ideally printed at 240°C.

The new hot-end included in the Metal Pack is designed specifically for printing with these filaments. It's made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and ensures that the filament is melted consistently without any inconsistencies or variations. This results in a smoother, more precise print.

With the Metal Pack, BCN3D aims to cater to a wide range of customers, from small businesses to universities and research institutions. It bridges the gap between industrial 3D printing and affordable, accessible technology.

In conclusion, BCN3D's Metal Pack is a significant leap forward in affordable and accessible metal 3D printing technology. The Ultrafuse 316L and 17-4 PH filaments, along with the new hot-end, make it easy to produce strong, durable, and precise metal parts with an existing Epsilon 3D printer. With this technology, users can create parts with complex geometries and make changes quickly without additional costs or extensive lead times. With the increasing demand for CNC processing and MIM spare parts, the Metal Pack serves as an ideal alternative for the production of metal parts.